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March 24th, 2005

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12:03 am - KEARNMUNITY EVENT 22 - More PLVY
Nobody can tell him that I'm this guy. I'm not even posting this on the PLVY Toons blog, because I don't want him to be suspicious.

Anyway, here we go.

AbnormalAnteater (6:24:46 PM): hey
AbnormalAnteater (6:25:16 PM): i herd ur bothering my frienfd
AbnormalAnteater (6:26:01 PM): hlo?????
AbnormalAnteater (6:26:49 PM): What a retard.
AbnormalAnteater (6:27:26 PM): No wonder you're a virgin!
AbnormalAnteater (6:27:33 PM): You're online all day!
AbnormalAnteater (6:27:48 PM): What a fuckin' nerd.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:31:25 PM): who are you talking to??
AbnormalAnteater (6:31:47 PM): I don't see any other white trash retards missing their front teeth around here.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:31:57 PM): i'm sorry, do i know you
AbnormalAnteater (6:32:03 PM): No.
AbnormalAnteater (6:32:19 PM): But you annoy people I'm friends with.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:32:33 PM): i don't know who your talking to , because the person who think you are talking to is not here
AbnormalAnteater (6:32:53 PM): Oh, don't try to fool me, Dave.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:33:16 PM): Dave??? who's Dave??
AbnormalAnteater (6:33:41 PM): I'll ignore that stupid question and ask you to stop harassing people about the B2G blog bullshit.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:34:10 PM): look idiot, i have no idea who you think you are talking to,
AbnormalAnteater (6:34:20 PM): I'm talking to Dave Grady.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:34:29 PM): DAVE WHO?? i don't know anyone named Dave
AbnormalAnteater (6:34:34 PM): If you want to know who made that blog, you're talking to him.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:35:04 PM): well Dave HAS been asking ME as to WHY it was made
AbnormalAnteater (6:35:29 PM): From what I hear, he pissed of a lot of people.
AbnormalAnteater (6:35:44 PM): You see, when someone gets banned from a message board, that means they're not allowed to come back.
AbnormalAnteater (6:35:50 PM): And he kept comming back.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:36:05 PM): why was that B2G BLOG made
AbnormalAnteater (6:37:05 PM): It was made to piss you off, since you did that same things on your blog. Copying Bob's blog, posting AIM chats with people on your old website and whatever other stuff you've done before.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:37:33 PM): well,
when will it come down cuz DAVE HATES IT
AbnormalAnteater (6:37:47 PM): Never.
AbnormalAnteater (6:37:57 PM): No matter how good he behaves, it will never come down.
AbnormalAnteater (6:38:03 PM): It's punishment for what he's done.
AbnormalAnteater (6:39:02 PM): Because Dave did it. And even if he says he never did anything like that, the board spamming is reason enough.
AbnormalAnteater (6:39:34 PM): Oh, and just to make it clear, I was lying about me being the one that made the blog. I was trying to make you blow up and prove that you're Dave and that you're lying to me.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:40:00 PM): i am NOT Dave
AbnormalAnteater (6:40:16 PM): Like I said, it wasn't really me. It's someone from one of those B2G boards,
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:40:23 PM): rightm, sure, w.e
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:40:27 PM): fucking liar
AbnormalAnteater (6:40:36 PM): Wow, that sounds just like Dave!
AbnormalAnteater (6:40:40 PM): Dave does the same thing.
AbnormalAnteater (6:41:02 PM): Call people liars, says "w.e" alot and talks in all CAPITOL LETTER LIKE THIS.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:41:38 PM): USING ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS COMES ACROSS AS SHOUTING! UsInG sTrAnGe MiXtUrEs Of UpPeRcAsE aNd LoWeRcAsE lEtTeRs CoMeS aCrOsS aS cHiLdIsH. The same goes 4 using 2 mny abbr or 2 mch k3wl slang n ur msgs.

Honest mistakes and typos are okay, but please avoid sabotaging your message with deliberate mistakes.

AbnormalAnteater (6:42:06 PM): Wow, you so took that from a website I've been too.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:42:27 PM): did not
AbnormalAnteater (6:42:27 PM): Don't lie.
AbnormalAnteater (6:42:47 PM): Stop lying every single time you get caught.
AbnormalAnteater (6:42:58 PM): Why can't you be a man and admit when you're wrong?
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:43:01 PM): look assfuck, i don't li,e i have NEVER LIED
AbnormalAnteater (6:43:20 PM): Like the time you said you had BWTF a month before it came out? Right...
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:43:23 PM): why can't YOU be a man and ADMIT that YOU made that B2G BLOG
AbnormalAnteater (6:44:12 PM): I don't even have a blog. They're for fags.
See? Fucking gay.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:44:43 PM): oh so........... http://lightning007.blgospot.com HIS IS fucking gay??
AbnormalAnteater (6:45:29 PM): Yeah, it's gay. Just like this one.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:45:49 PM): HIS IS NOT GAY and i am sure that YOU have BLOG urself asshole
AbnormalAnteater (6:46:13 PM): His blog is not gay? Why is that?
AbnormalAnteater (6:46:18 PM): I thought you hated him.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:46:34 PM): I KNOW OF DAVE and no, i do NOT HATE HIM
AbnormalAnteater (6:47:18 PM): Then why does ""Dave"" send him hundreds of emails? That seems more like something someone would do to annoy someone else.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:47:33 PM): wait...... Dave sends WHO emails??
AbnormalAnteater (6:47:37 PM): Sort of like leaving 200 voicemails on someone's phone.
AbnormalAnteater (6:48:06 PM): Bob said Dave sent him like 200 emails asking him to take down all those cool site he made about ihm.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:48:33 PM): correction, those were NOT COOL SITES AT ALL!! THEY were SLANDERIOUS!!
AbnormalAnteater (6:49:37 PM): Yeah, but you know what? The way they presented them were funny, because he really acts the way those cartoons portray him. And it's funny, too.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:49:52 PM): no, it is NOT FUNNY AT ALL
AbnormalAnteater (6:49:57 PM): I bet you'd laugh if you found a site with George W Bush comic strips making him look stupid.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:50:31 PM): GW BUSH IS A ASSHOLE, and i wish he were shot!! he hasn't done anything bright for america in YEARS!!
AbnormalAnteater (6:50:39 PM): Neither have you.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:50:45 PM): again, I AM NOT DAVE
AbnormalAnteater (6:50:56 PM): Then why are you using his screen name?
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:51:05 PM): because i logged on
AbnormalAnteater (6:51:23 PM): Well, but that toothless guy back on! He's fun to talk to!
AbnormalAnteater (6:51:28 PM): *put
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:51:48 PM): listen........... if you can talk to WHO EVER to get that B2G BLOG SHUT OFF, I will talk to Dave to see him being more CALMER, ok??
AbnormalAnteater (6:52:23 PM): I don't even know the person who did make it, so I couldn't even try. I don't know any of those B2G people.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:52:32 PM): i think you do
AbnormalAnteater (6:53:02 PM): What do you know? If you're not Dave, you don't know anything of the situation.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:53:15 PM): all Dave wants is P&Q (PEACE AND QUIET) and to be LEFT ALONE, and he WANTS THAT B2G BLOG to be TAKEN DOWN!!
AbnormalAnteater (6:53:26 PM): Hell, you don't even know who I am and you're making baseless accusations on him!
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:54:08 PM): Dave is around, He's just too busy to come to the machine to talk.
AbnormalAnteater (6:54:19 PM): If Dave wanted ""P&Q"", he should never have been a troll to all the message boards he's been to, before the blog went up.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:54:36 PM): which message boards were those?? do you have URLS??
AbnormalAnteater (6:55:20 PM): No. But I know it's B2G, TFw2005, TFans and probably tons and tons more. I don't even remember the names to the other boards you've been to.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:55:44 PM): ME?? again, i am, NOT DAVE, DAVE IS NOT HERE!!
AbnormalAnteater (6:55:44 PM): I know you posted on a transexual board and you didn't know the "girls" there were even transexuals.
AbnormalAnteater (6:55:50 PM): I mean Dave.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:56:07 PM): i don't think Dave has EVER been to a TRANS BOARD
AbnormalAnteater (6:56:39 PM): That's a lie, plain and simple.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:56:46 PM): uh, no, it is not
AbnormalAnteater (6:56:53 PM): I know he kept harassing this one guy to get him unbanned from some of them.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:57:01 PM): Listen, just TAKE DOWN that B2G BLOg and dave will be happier
AbnormalAnteater (6:57:15 PM): He was crying about getting banned because they said his signature was too big.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:57:31 PM): signature??? whats that???
AbnormalAnteater (6:57:38 PM): Dave knows.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:57:51 PM): i could ask him, but i don't thuink he would remember
AbnormalAnteater (6:57:59 PM): Yeah, he's like that.
AbnormalAnteater (6:58:01 PM): Dumb, I mean.
IAMWATCHING2005 (6:58:35 PM): he is NOT DUMB!! I TALK to him everyday and he is NOT DUMB!! in fact, he is VERY BRIGHT!! you don't know him like I DO!!! i see him almost every day!!
AbnormalAnteater (6:59:32 PM): I'm sorry, but your friend is extremely dumb. The way he acts online proves it. It's irrefutable. You would have to be dumb to go looking for the trouble he gets himself into all the time.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:00:05 PM): he does NOT LOOK FOR TROUBLE!! YOU DON'T KNOW HIM!!! so shut up while your ahead
AbnormalAnteater (7:00:42 PM): Well, if he's not dumb, he sure does dumb things, like lie about things that are obviously lies.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:00:52 PM): Dave has NEVER LIED!!
AbnormalAnteater (7:00:56 PM): Like the time he was talking to someone online and he lied that it wasn'thim.
AbnormalAnteater (7:01:27 PM): That's impossible. Everyone lies. All the time.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:01:34 PM): do YOU LIE??
AbnormalAnteater (7:01:35 PM): Like the time he lied about having a wife.
AbnormalAnteater (7:01:42 PM): Sure, all the time.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:01:53 PM): about what?? what have YOU lied about
AbnormalAnteater (7:01:58 PM): I lied to my sister this month when I told her I already bought her birthday present.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:02:08 PM): go on
AbnormalAnteater (7:02:17 PM): You don't need to know any more.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:02:21 PM): yes i do
AbnormalAnteater (7:02:32 PM): You're not going to convince me otherwise.
AbnormalAnteater (7:02:38 PM): You're not a hypnotist.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:02:46 PM): Listen, what would it take for that B2G BLOG to come down
AbnormalAnteater (7:02:58 PM): I have no idea. I don't know what that person wants.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:03:13 PM): i am sure that you have made it
AbnormalAnteater (7:03:17 PM): You'd have to ask Bob or that girl you talk to sometimes.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:03:35 PM): who do you keep on referring to me as DAVE, DAVE IS NOT HERE!!
AbnormalAnteater (7:03:50 PM): You type exactly the way Dave types.
AbnormalAnteater (7:04:11 PM): Erratic and spotaneous.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:04:18 PM): DAVE IS WORKING right now
AbnormalAnteater (7:04:33 PM): What kind of work does he do?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:04:37 PM): does it matter
AbnormalAnteater (7:04:47 PM): I'm interested to know.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:05:08 PM): doesn't matter what DAVE DOES, what HE DOES in his OWN PRIVATE LIFE is HIS!! NOT Anyone Elses!!!
AbnormalAnteater (7:05:47 PM): Unless he wishes to share that information. People might not think he was such a dick if he didn't act the way he does.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:06:15 PM): he does NOT act like a DICK, I KNOW HIM!! you don't know what he does when he is NOT ON LINE!!!
AbnormalAnteater (7:06:28 PM): I didn't say he acts like a dick. Read what I said.
AbnormalAnteater (7:06:37 PM): Oh wait.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:06:39 PM): i just did, you said: AbnormalAnteater (7:06:03 PM): Unless he wishes to share that information. People might not think he was such a dick if he didn't act the way he does.
AbnormalAnteater (7:06:42 PM): Le me rephrase that.
AbnormalAnteater (7:07:03 PM): People think he's a dick, because of the way he acts.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:07:32 PM): look, i can talk to ""DAVE"" and get him to CALM DOWN, ok,
AbnormalAnteater (7:07:46 PM): Then you do that.
AbnormalAnteater (7:07:52 PM): And make sure he stays calmed down.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:08:18 PM): and whule you are at it, can you LOOK INTO THAT B2G BLOGH and get rid of it, cuz that is what DAVE WANTS TO SEE GONE!!
AbnormalAnteater (7:08:54 PM): I don't know if that B2G blog will ever come down, but if he can actually behave, then there'll be nothing for those people to put on it because he's acting normal. Nobody will put up stuff of his if he's not going crazy or something.
AbnormalAnteater (7:09:09 PM): I mean there'll be nothing new for them to put on it.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:09:16 PM): and why do you people STEAL from him
AbnormalAnteater (7:09:17 PM): Doesn't that make snese?
AbnormalAnteater (7:10:05 PM): I told you, it's because he did it first. So they do it to him so he can see what it's like. I can see that he hates it truly, so now he must feel the wya the people he stole from feels.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:10:22 PM): you yourself said:
AbnormalAnteater (6:44:28 PM): I don't even have a blog. They're for fags.
See? Fucking gay.

so, does that mean that the person who MADE THAT B2G BLOG IS A FAG??
AbnormalAnteater (7:11:02 PM): No, because the only reason they made the blog was to make fun of Dave. That person using using the blog the way other people do.
AbnormalAnteater (7:11:12 PM): Wait.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:11:16 PM): can you have it shut down??
AbnormalAnteater (7:11:22 PM): No.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:11:26 PM): why not
AbnormalAnteater (7:11:37 PM): I don't know the person who made it. I can't do anything if I don't know anything, right?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:12:12 PM): I can Guarintee you this tho...
if that B2G BLOG were to DISSAPEAR , then dave would be ALOT MORE Calmer
AbnormalAnteater (7:12:47 PM): I doubt it. He still was all crazy even after Bob took down all of his stuff and there was nothing left to bother Dave.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:13:05 PM): i don't think so, cuz BOB AND DAVE TALKED today
AbnormalAnteater (7:13:12 PM): What about?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:13:18 PM): i'm not sure
AbnormalAnteater (7:13:28 PM): Did Dave yell and curse at him alot and block him a bunch of times?
AbnormalAnteater (7:13:30 PM): I bet he did.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:13:43 PM): i don't thinki he did
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:13:59 PM): and DAVE is also requesting that http://plvyarchive.blogspot.com THAT BLOG be taken down as well
AbnormalAnteater (7:14:16 PM): Are there any other sites?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:14:22 PM): yes
AbnormalAnteater (7:14:28 PM): How many?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:14:32 PM): there are ALOT that ""DAVE HATES""
AbnormalAnteater (7:14:43 PM): I'd like to see them.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:15:40 PM): http://www.jdplvy.info/ which is actually going to http://www.lorettasworld.info/Test237.htm which in reality goes to

AbnormalAnteater (7:16:11 PM): Why Lorreta? Is that his mom or something?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:16:36 PM): no
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:18:02 PM): see........ DAVE I A VERY NICE PERSON and can be VERY COOL to ppl, but it's when ppl PISS HIM OFF, then he want's REVENGE!! it's all quite simple,
you can either A: be cool to him and NOT PISS HIM OFF or B: get him all rilled up and see what happens...

DAVE JUST WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE!!! and for ALL of the sites to ""COME DOWN""
AbnormalAnteater (7:18:59 PM): Well, it seems other people are just the same as him. He pissed off and riled up someone else and they probably won't take that blog down, to to piss him off forever.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:19:23 PM): well......... he would VERY LIKE TO SEE that BLOG ""COME DOWN""
AbnormalAnteater (7:19:57 PM): He shouldn't have flipped out to Bob when Bob took all of his stuff down.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:20:57 PM): well, he thinks tghat BOB HAS MNADE that B2G BLOG whe DAVE had FIRST MADE IT and then when it was GOMNE it was THEN ""RE MADE"" by thiose ppl who talked about it behind DAVES BACk just to PISS HIM OFF by using tyhat WEIRD FUNNY TEXT that was used on KD1's board
AbnormalAnteater (7:21:42 PM): I'm 99% positive Bob didn't make it.
AbnormalAnteater (7:22:03 PM): If Bob says it's not his, he needs to trust Bob and drop the issue with him right then and there.
AbnormalAnteater (7:22:12 PM): Try to find out from someone else who made it.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:22:16 PM): then who DID make it
AbnormalAnteater (7:22:34 PM): I've already repeated this.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:22:42 PM): can you FIND OUT
AbnormalAnteater (7:22:57 PM): No. It's not my problem, and I don't post on those boards.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:23:47 PM): see, i think that DAVE THINKS that BOB DID MAKE IT, see,
when dave DID MAKE IT FIRST and then he was told to TAKE IT DOWN, and then DAVE THINKS that BOB went BEHIND HIS BACK and talked to ""HIS FRIENDS"" and used that FUNNY TEXT and then they made it just to piss off dave
AbnormalAnteater (7:24:25 PM): What do you mean by funny text?
AbnormalAnteater (7:24:44 PM): I don'tunderstand.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:25:11 PM): i don't know to descibe it, but it was really funny looking and it wasn't even ENGLISH
AbnormalAnteater (7:26:26 PM): Does it look like the text on this page, sort of?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:27:21 PM): The page cannot be displayed
AbnormalAnteater (7:27:28 PM): Whatever.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:27:34 PM): thats what i see
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:27:52 PM): lemme find something
AbnormalAnteater (7:28:21 PM): Well, Dave needs to stop being paranoid and thinking everyone is plotting against him and trying to make him look bad. He's not that important. He's not worth spending that much time on.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:28:27 PM): here, the blue text http://lightning007.blogspot.com/2005/03/imagine-that-insane-criminal-moved-in.html

IAMWATCHING2005 (7:28:57 PM): SO.,......... if he;s not worth spenmding that much TIME ON, then, WHY DO THEY DO IT???
AbnormalAnteater (7:29:12 PM): Because they enjoy making him suffer.
AbnormalAnteater (7:29:31 PM): I don't understand what's going on in this jibber jabber blog.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:29:37 PM): don't people have better things to do then to make ppl suffer,
AbnormalAnteater (7:29:48 PM): You should ask Dave the same thing.
AbnormalAnteater (7:29:59 PM): Going to message boards where nobody wants him.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:30:13 PM): here, the text says this
fvapr Qnirf oybt unf orpbzr nffubyr prageny, V svtherq vg jbhyq or bayl pbby gb gjvfg gur xavsr n yvggyr naq znxr uvz lryc.

Fb gbavtug V qrpvqrq gb qb n fubeg oybt va xyvatba pbqr be "ehffvna" nf jr fbzrgvzrf pnyy vg, whfg gb cvff gur perngher bss

what kind of TEXT is that????
AbnormalAnteater (7:30:34 PM): I don't know. Probably some kind of secret code or something.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:30:42 PM): and , how does one find out
AbnormalAnteater (7:31:08 PM): I don't know. Probably just Bob and some of his friends would know, I guess.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:31:31 PM): IS BOB a REAL PERSON?? or justa MADE UP NAME??
AbnormalAnteater (7:31:41 PM): I beleive that's his real name.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:32:24 PM): DAVE thinks its just a psyconame , kind of like,..............

oh, idk.. kind of like saying......... HOWARD STERN is someone else
AbnormalAnteater (7:33:00 PM): Well, if it is, or if it isn't, he is a real person and "Bob" is the name he uses.
AbnormalAnteater (7:33:16 PM): If that is a made up name, I doubt he'd ever give you his real name.
AbnormalAnteater (7:33:32 PM): Why else would someone make a fake name? To hide their real one.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:33:46 PM): why doesn't he just gibe out his REAL NAME?? what, is he afraid of getting caught??
AbnormalAnteater (7:34:45 PM): Bob has done nothing wrong, so he can't get caught for anything. If he did make up that fake name, and he doesn't want to give out his real name, it's probably because he doesn't want his personal information found out by Dave.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:34:51 PM): i think this whole BOB AND DAVE thing is really trully pathetic, why don't they just go there OWN seperaye ways and just leave each other alone??
AbnormalAnteater (7:35:18 PM): Looking at Bob's blog, it looks like Bob is trying that.
AbnormalAnteater (7:35:01 PM): Bob has done nothing wrong, so he can't get caught for anything

uhm, i have seen the work of BOB , and he has stolen daves pics and put them on OTHER BODY PARTS of others
AbnormalAnteater (7:36:10 PM): That's not illegal, though.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:36:18 PM): yes, it is, it's also called SLANDER
AbnormalAnteater (7:38:07 PM): I'm pretty sure slander is not illegal. It's just a dirty thing to do.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:38:27 PM): uhm, Slander IS Illegal
AbnormalAnteater (7:38:31 PM): Besides, Dave put those pictures of himself on the net somehow, so it's his fault for letting them out.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:38:53 PM): DAVE did NOT do that
AbnormalAnteater (7:39:16 PM): Then how did these pictures of his face get around the internet?
AbnormalAnteater (7:39:32 PM): Did someone break into his house and steal these pictures?
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:39:37 PM): i think so
AbnormalAnteater (7:39:52 PM): Nobody cares about him that much.
AbnormalAnteater (7:40:35 PM): If someone were to break into his house, they would steal valuable stuff, like a TV, not pictures.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:40:38 PM): SO........... if no one cares about him , then, WHy do it??
AbnormalAnteater (7:40:55 PM): I'm not repeating myself. You can scroll up and find your answer.
AbnormalAnteater (7:40:59 PM): I'm going to dinner now.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:41:04 PM): i x'd it out
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:41:10 PM): i dont know what you said
AbnormalAnteater (7:41:16 PM): Your fault for not remembering what I said.
AbnormalAnteater (7:41:20 PM): Pay more attention.
IAMWATCHING2005 (7:41:51 PM): listenm , can you just PLZ FIND OUT who M<ADE that B2G BLOg and have it REMOBED so dave can go on and have a NICE NORMAL LIFE AbnormalAnteater (7:42:17 PM): I doubt Dave will ever have a normal life. No normal 29 year old still lives at home. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:43:16 PM): DAVE IS 30, and did you ever stop to think that maybe NY SUICKS and MOST PLACES are SKY HIGH in RENT and he really cant afford a place of his own right now, did you ever stop to think about that??? , AbnormalAnteater (7:44:13 PM): He's been an adult for over 10 years. He's had plenty of time to find a job, save some money and find a reasonable place to live. It's his fault. AbnormalAnteater (7:44:38 PM): Even if it's a one room apartment, he needs to mobolize and make himself independant. AbnormalAnteater (7:44:41 PM): I have to go now. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:44:49 PM): where IAMWATCHING2005 (7:44:49 PM): where you going AbnormalAnteater (7:44:59 PM): Dinner. AbnormalAnteater (7:45:06 PM): I told you that already. AbnormalAnteater (7:45:14 PM): You don't pay attention, do you Dave? IAMWATCHING2005 (7:45:19 PM): did you ever think that MOST JOBS dont PAY ENOUGH IAMWATCHING2005 (7:45:25 PM): MY NAME IS NOT DAVE AbnormalAnteater (7:46:08 PM): Jobs pay enough. That's bullshit. If jobs didn't pay enough, nobody would work them. Even if it were true, he could get two jobs or a full time job. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:46:22 PM): JOBS are hard to come by in NY IAMWATCHING2005 (7:46:53 PM): NY IS THE WORST JOB PLACE EVER AbnormalAnteater (7:47:30 PM): Tell him he needs to work hards to find one or look out of NY. It's not the only place in the world. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:47:54 PM): well maybe he doesnt want a place right now, maybe he has troible SAVING $$ , AbnormalAnteater (7:48:33 PM): Then he should stop wasting his money on DVDs. I know he gets money from the government because he's on disability. He should save some of it. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:49:02 PM): Uhm, DAVE DOES WORK, but they don't PAY alot of $$, last i knew, he works at some sort of Animal Shlter Place IAMWATCHING2005 (7:49:25 PM): and he doesn't BUY THAT MANY DVD's AbnormalAnteater (7:49:29 PM): Then he should work more hours, save everything he gets. IAMWATCHING2005 (7:50:03 PM): like i said... the ANIMAL SHELTER doesn't pay that much, MOST OF THE $$ that goers in there , is for the UPKEEP of the building and stuff like that, AbnormalAnteater (7:50:12 PM): What building? IAMWATCHING2005 (7:50:32 PM): idk the name of it, it's some sort of a ANIMAL SHELTER AbnormalAnteater (7:50:47 PM): Well, he gets paid, right? IAMWATCHING2005 (7:51:56 PM): like i said, NOT ENOUGH! most of the $$ that goes i there is for the Animals and other utlities (sp?) lemme ask you something, when you see amn ABUSED DOG or CAT being ABUSED by there OWNER, would YOU LET THAT HAPPEN or would you call for help??? AbnormalAnteater (7:52:27 PM): Don't change the subject. Even if they pay him a little bit, he can save that. AbnormalAnteater (7:52:45 PM): He can keep saving it until he has enough money to move to a place with better jobs. AbnormalAnteater (7:52:51 PM): Now I really have to go.

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